Since all automobile manufacturers change the models every 4 – 6 years, a lot of drivers want to keep the cars in the modern style. That is why restyling is so popular, especially within a young generation.

Restyling means upgrading

Most of the body kit parts are designed to make the exterior of the car more interesting and beautiful. In fact, the first spoilers were designed to improve the aerodynamics. It makes the airflow around the car more effective when you are on the high speed.

auto body tuning

Toyota Camry external tuning.

First of all our clients ordering to change or modify :

  • headlamps,
  • bumpers,
  • door moldings,
  • dashboard,
  • interior light,
  • sideboard,
  • rims and wheels.

Before you place an order Kavkaz Auto recommends checking online how your car will look after the changes applied. The necessary software available in the world net – this will help you to save time and money.